Support IndianaPop by Donating to Fifth Freedom

We build ramps to allow people who use wheelchairs to access a building, but access to information is just as important as access to a physical location.  IndianaPop helps people with disabilities access the services and supports they need by making information about them easier to find.

IndianaPop is a hand-curated, carefully organized directory of disability services in and around Indiana.  You can find contact information, web links, addresses, directions, and service summaries for thousands of providers around the state.

The accessibility experts at Fifth Freedom designed IndianaPop to be as easy to use as possible, whether you browse the web with a keyboard and mouse, a magnifier, a screen reader, or other assistive technology.  It also works great on mobile devices, so you can use IndianaPop however, and wherever, you browse the web.

If you would like to help us continue making Indiana’s disability services easier to find, consider making a tax-deductible donation to Fifth Freedom by clicking the button below.